What is Methylone?


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Buy Methylone online, also called 3,four-Methylenedioxy-N-methcathinone, M1, MDMC, β okay-MDMA, is an entactogenic and stimulant drug of the cathinone chemical elegance that produces a combination of entactogenic, stimulating, and euphoric results while administered. Methylone is a famous stimulant drug of the cathinone and substituted amphetamine magnificence. The drugs of the substituted amphetamine elegance have structural similarities with amphetamine drug and feature similarities of their capabilities. Methylone is a stimulant and empathogen drug. Stimulant tablets decorate the functioning of the human mind whilst empathogen pills produce feelings of sympathy and empathy on administration. Methylone has found various applications within the field of science as a studies chemical and in medication as a prescribed drug for diverse clinical situations. it is to be had for buy on numerous bodily and on-line drug stores.

Methylone has sturdy dependency legal responsibility which is why its manufacturing, distribution, and consumption is controlled by the law.

Full Name: 3,4-Methylenedioxy-N-methcathinone

Molecular Formula: C11H13NO3

Average mass: 207.226 Da

Mono-isotopic mass: 207.089539 Da

Exclusive forms, sorts, and analogs of Methylone

Methylone exists inside the crystalline form having natural white crystals. The crystals of Methylone can be beaten to form a powder for smoking functions. An IV solution from injection can also be acquired from crimson crystals. Methylone is structurally associated with MDMA and meth-cathinone capsules even as its miles related to the medicine of cathinone and substituted amphetamine elegance in its capabilities and results. Commonly, methylone is obtainable as powder; however tablets are in circulation as nicely. As with XTC, those tablets can differ in size, shade, and energy. Methylone crystal is a chemical drug which is very comparable in structure to MDMA and has similar results. Where in to purchase Methylone

Buy Methylone online is a stimulant with a mild hallucinogenic effect. as it’s a relatively new substance it’s called a studies chemical. It’s recommended to deal with methylone with warning: because of its brief lifestyles no longer a great deal studies has been conducted and not lots is thought about long term results or dependency charges. Normally, it’s far offered as powder, however drugs are in circulation as well. As with XTC, those tablets can differ size-wise, color and power.  Methylone can be bought from us in any of 3 forms: large crystals (our most famous), nice pharmaceutical powder or small crystals. Please see our list of other quality products available to you now. We are your dealer of dac products and you may buy now. Buy Methylone online.


Inside the Netherlands, methylone doesn’t fall below the Opium Act, however beneath the drug treatments Act. At the equal time, it’s no longer formally registered as a remedy. Consequently a well known practitioner cannot prescribe it and it’s only viable to gain the substance illegally. As it is within the medicines Act other sanctions practice for trading than for drugged trafficking. Illicit trafficking in drug treatments may additionally lead as much as a most of six years imprisonment, while illegal trafficking in materials on the Opium act – e.g. MDMA – can lead up to a maximum of twelve years imprisonment. The fame of it differs in line with country. Within the United States of America, as an instance, it is at the Opium list and in Canada, it isn’t. The Canadian government do now not even do not forget it a medicinal drug, which means that the substance remains legal over there.

Brief-time period outcomes

The fast-term results encompass nausea, extended heart charge, perspiration, appetite loss, and excessive blood pressure. Different clinical complications can also arise due to the side results of the drug.

Long-time period results

The long-term results include dependency to the drug as Buy Methylone online is habit-forming, tension and melancholy. In case of severe complications, it is able to also cause the loss of life of a character.

Dosage and overdose

It needs to be interested in severe care and in session with a clinical practitioner. The dosage amount of Methylone may additionally vary relying on the age institution of the consumer.

Legal repute

It’s far an addictive stimulant drug with a high tendency of being misused via the humans for recreational functions. Because of these reasons, it has been indexed as a scheduled drug in most European international locations in addition to within USA. It’s also a banned or illegal substance in some components of the world.


Methylone as a studies chemical is used in forensic technological know-how, toxicology, and neuroscience. It has also discovered applications within the subject of Mass spectrometry.

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